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Premises Liability Lawsuit

premises liabilityWhen individuals are injured on property belonging to another, our premises liability attorneys at Dash Injury Law Firm can work to help the victims receive just compensation. Should you or a family member find yourselves in this situation, we can help by estimating the amount of damages related to the accident and collecting the necessary evidence that shows the property owner is responsible for your losses. Additionally, we can assist with negotiations toward a settlement with the owner, a tenant, or an insurance company. If necessary, we will also provide the skilled representation needed in court.

An Explanation of Premises Liability

Every state in this country requires owners who occupy a property to make reasonable efforts to keep the property maintained at a safe level and environment for any visitor. By failing to do so, a property owner can be held accountable through premises liability. A lawsuit surrounding premises liability is an attempt to hold the property owner responsible for injury and damages to another that occurred on the owner's property.

It should be noted that an injury received on another's property is not sufficient proof alone that there was negligence on the part of the owner. Additionally, the presence of an unsafe condition on the property does not automatically make the owner negligent. Proof must be shown that the owner was aware or should have been aware of the unsafe condition, but did nothing to remedy the problem.

Levels of Care Required for Property Owners

Not everyone stepping foot on an owner's property is due the same level of care as another would be due. We will examine three types of individuals here:

  • Invitees
  • Licensees
  • Trespassers

#1 Invitees – Individuals invited to be on the property to benefit the owner commercially are invitees. For example, a convenience store welcomes customers to come onto the premises and engage in the purchase of food, gasoline, and other products. The absolute highest level of care is owed by the property owner to these guests or invitees.

Owners are required to continually inspect the premises and to ensure proper warnings are given and/or displayed for any hazards. Because inspections are mandatory, the property owner should be aware of any hazards and may be held liable for such.

#2 Licensees – Individuals who are invited to come onto or remain on the premises for non-commercial reasons are considered to be licensees. This would include family members, friends, and social guests. The property owner is still required to fix and maintain hazardous areas but is not liable for hazards unknown to the owner.

#3 Trespassers – The level of care owed to a trespasser is far less than to a licensee or a commercial invitee. Of course, a property owner cannot deliberately create or allow hazardous, dangerous areas to adversely affect trespassers.

Types of Premises Liability Cases

Among the various types of cases our attorneys handle, the following are some of the more frequent. They include:

  • Concert Injuries
  • Amusement Park Accidents
  • Swimming Pool Accidents
  • Escalator or Elevator Accidents
  • Assault Due to Negligent Security
  • Slips and Falls

Concert Injuries – If there was a potential threat of injury to concert-goers that the venue owner did not properly address, an injury victim may be able to recover compensation for damages. Additionally, if something during the performer's show, like a pyrotechnic malfunction, caused the injury, the victim may also be able to seek compensation from the performer and the management company.

Amusement Park Accidents – The scope of injuries that occur at amusement parks range from very minor to catastrophic, even deadly. Any waiver that may have been implied or signed doesn't instantly relieve a property owner from responsibility for injuries.

Swimming Pool Accidents – Injuries due to swimming pools often center around the lack of a protective fence or barrier. If a pool is not adequately secured, the property owner could be held liable for injuries occurring as a result.

Escalator or Elevator Accidents – Failure of an elevator to properly stop evenly and level to the building's floor creates a huge hazard for anyone entering or exiting the “cage.” Sometimes, elevators have suddenly slammed to a stop or even dropped several floors and then come to a hard stop. Injury caused by such malfunctions may permit a victim to file a lawsuit for premises liability against the property owner as well as the manufacturer.

Assault Due to Negligent Security – If a property is in a known crime area, property owners are frequently required to provide security. If visitors are injured in an attack on property lacking adequate security, the owner could be held liable. For example, a shopping mall parking lot with no lighting presents a dangerous opportunity for an assault.

Slips and Falls – Frequently, problems like wet floors, icy walkways or uneven pavements lead to slipping and falling. If there are no warnings, or if there are inadequate warnings, a property owner may be found liable for these accidents.

Showing Liability in a Dog Bite Lawsuit

The strength of a lawsuit and the laws in the state will help determine if a dog owner can be held liable for the damages caused when his or her dog bites and injures someone. There is such a thing as a “one-bite” rule that holds an owner liable if the dog has already bitten someone in the past. In this situation, there is the perception that an owner should know the dog is dangerous if it has already injured someone before. According to California law (Cal. Civil Code § 3342), if an individual was bitten and can prove he or she was legally allowed to be in the place where it occurred, the dog owner can be held liable, no matter what precautions the owner had taken.

Existing negligence and dog bite statutes are in place because owners have a general duty to keep others from being harmed by their dog. The protected people include workers on the property, guests, and individuals in public places. In addition, leash laws must be obeyed, as well as any statutes governing specific breeds or particularly dangerous animals.

Here are the leash laws for our service areas:

Some states allow other individuals besides the dog owner to be held liable for damages. For example, animal caretakers like kennel workers or dog sitters could be deemed liable for injuries caused by a dog in their care. Additionally, a landlord could also be liable.

What Does an Injured Person Have to Prove?

Each state dictates what elements must be in existence for a premises liability case to be viable. One should research or check with an attorney to find the appropriate laws in any given jurisdiction. Usually, though, the victim must be able to show all of the following:

  • That the injury was caused by an individual who owned, leased, or occupied the property where the injury occurred
  • That this same person was negligent in the management and use of the property
  • That the victim was harmed
  • That the negligence of the owner/leasor/occupier substantially contributed to the harm

What Can a Victim Recover?

Depending on the specifics of a premises liability claim, a victim's lawyer could potentially help recover damages for the following:

Loss of Wages – Earnings that are lost due to injuries can potentially be recovered, and the victim's decreased future earning capacity may be compensated as well.

Medical Expenses – Victims may receive damages for medical costs resulting from the injury. These expenses may include hospital charges, physician bills, medication, surgeries, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and future medical requirements.

Pain and Suffering – The victim may be compensated for lasting emotional or physical pain from the injury.

Wrongful Death – If a victim died due to another's negligence, as shown above, family members may possibly force accountability and receive compensation.

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