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At Dash Injury Law, we believe that the effective and successful pursuit of a client’s claim is very much dependent on the strength of the attorney-client relationship. That is why our office is dedicated to forming a strong bond with our clients in order to fully understand our clients’ injuries, their pain, and the impact of the injuries on our clients’ daily lives. It is our philosophy that, especially when it comes to injuries that were caused by the negligence of another person, justice requires that every case be a winner and that the injured party receive the maximum compensation possible.

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We measure ourselves against the best in the profession and will aim to surpass the best. No case is too big or too small where the evidence dictates that compensation is due. Our office provides a free consultation and charges no fee until a full compensation is made by the at-fault party after either a court judgment or a settlement of the case


You can only protect your liberties in this world by protecting the other Man’s freedom.
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Since 2002, Houman Dashtizad has represented the injured victims of negligent parties and helped them recover the compensation they deserve for their injuries. His maxim is that “every case deserves to be a winner” and all legally appropriate measures should be taken for success. Since law school, Houman’s philosophy has been that individuals who have already been wronged by the actions or negligence of another person deserve a friend in their hour of need.

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