Filing a Lawsuit After Suffering a Fire Injury

Injuries stemming from fires can be absolutely devastating for the victims. Whether they are left dealing with burn injuries or smoke inhalation that results in permanent lung damage, victims are typically left with physical and psychological scars. While some of those physical scars may heal over time, the psychological ones may remain with the victims for the rest of their life. There are also many financial ramifications stemming from fire injuries as the victim may have trouble paying for their medical bills and other damages. If the fire started as a result of negligence such as the building not being kept up to the appropriate safety standards, victims can hold the responsible party liable and seek compensation with a personal injury claim.

Unfortunately, landlords and insurance companies do not care about paying the injured fire victims what they truly deserve in compensation. They will work hard to offer a lowball settlement that is far less than what the damages are worth. As a result, if you have been injured in a fire accident and plan to seek compensation, you should immediately get in touch with an experienced fire and burn injury attorney. Your lawyer will fight for your rights and work diligently to get you the compensation you truly deserve to cover your medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages.

Our skilled fire injury attorneys are experienced in lawsuits that involve the following:

  • Apartment fires
  • House fires
  • Workplace fires


Apartment Fires

An attorney who specializes in fire and burn injuries can help you to prepare a personal injury claim if you have been in a fire in your apartment. Apartment fires usually happen without warning and can be devastating to the point of leaving tenants homeless. Often, your property, including precious items that can never be replaced, can be lost to this type of fire as well. In the worst apartment fires, you may have to pay out of your own pocket for a hotel room or other temporary housing and to replace your belongings. An apartment fire can cause major damage and destroy an entire building in mere minutes. Unfortunately, these disasters leave renters having to share the burden with their landlords. Landlords are expected to fulfill certain obligations, which means if they are found to be negligent after a fire, you can file a claim to recover compensation.


Holding Negligent Landlords Liable for Apartment Fires

Certain scenarios can lead to an apartment fire. The landlord and manager of an apartment building are responsible for the safety measures inside the building and must ensure there are fire safety systems installed. If the building is lacking these measures, then the landlord can be held liable for any injuries or fatalities stemming from a fire in the apartment building.

Some of the most common forms of landlord negligence can lead to an apartment fire. They include the following:

  • Blocked fire exits
  • Building code violations
  • Defective smoke alarms
  • Faulty wiring
  • Heating equipment
  • No fire alarms installed
  • No fire extinguishers
  • No smoke detectors installed
  • Overcrowding
  • Pest infestations
  • Smoking


House Fires

The aftermath of a house fire can be highly stressful. The homeowner is required to reach an agreement with their insurance company on the amount of their loss and the type of damage the house has experienced. Additionally, you must agree to an estimate for the quality and quantity of materials needed to rebuild the home plus labor costs to rebuild.

If there is a dispute regarding your claim after you have suffered a house fire, you need a skilled attorney on your side. Most homeowner policies include coverage for fires, but there is often a risk of denial of your claim or a lowball settlement offer.

The following types of house fire damage claims are handled by fire injury attorneys:

  • Personal injuries suffered in house fires
  • Damages caused by wildfire
  • Explosions
  • Fires caused by defective or missing smoke alarms
  • Fires caused by defective products or maintenance
  • Lowball estimates from insurers
  • Denial or delay of claims


Fires in the Workplace

Certain types of workplaces are more susceptible to fires, and sadly even explosions can occur in some workplaces. As a result, employees in some industries can suffer fire and burn injuries.  According to the United States Occupation Safety and Health Administration, this can result in around 5,000 burn injuries sustained at the workplace every year.

Employees who suffer a fire or burn injury while on the job are entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim. Workers’ compensation benefits have a two-fold effect in allowing the employee to get financial compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, and other damages while protecting the employer against a negligence claim. However, the unfortunate truth is that insurance companies go out of their way to offer the lowest possible amount to injured employees or completely deny their workers’ compensation claim. As a result, if you are injured in a fire at your workplace, you should immediately speak with an attorney to discuss your options. Your lawyer will also explain your legal rights, protect them, and fight to get you the maximum amount of workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.

You should know that workers’ compensation benefits do not cover pain and suffering, disfigurement, loss of consortium, or loss of enjoyment of life. At the same time, you may be able to collect benefits for these damages if you seek a third-party claim. In that situation, you are required to file a claim against a third party, such as a product manufacturer. These claims seek to recover damages that supplement what your workers’ compensation benefits offer. An experienced burn injury attorney can handle both types of claims in cases involving workplace injuries from fires, explosions, and chemical exposure.

There are many different types of settings where a workplace fire injury can happen. All of the following can qualify for workers’ compensation:

  • Construction site fires
  • Cooks suffering burns from stove fires
  • Firefighters suffering burns while working
  • Lack of sprinkler systems in office buildings
  • Warehouse, factory, mill, or refinery fires


Legal Options for Fire Damage Claims

In most cases, when a person suffers injuries or property damage due to a fire, they aim to get compensation for their damages. Fire injuries caused by negligence and product liability both apply. With a negligence case, the plaintiff has to prove negligence on the part of the defendant and that the defendant owed them a legal duty, breached the duty and directly caused their injuries, and damage. In a product liability case, the plaintiff has to show that the defendant manufactured, distributed, sold, or installed a product that had a defect that directly caused them injuries.

Injured victims of fire accidents are awarded compensatory damages to cover their losses as a result of the fire. For instance, if a family member dies in a fire, that person’s spouse or other surviving family members are legally entitled to file a wrongful death claim against the at-fault party. It is important to check the laws in your state to determine what options are available to you.            


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