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In general, catastrophic accidents cause injuries that permanently prevent an individual from working and enjoying life the way the victim was before the accident. These injuries either have long-term effects or involve permanent disabilities. Spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, severe burns, loss of a limb, and paralysis are all different types of catastrophic injuries. 

Victims of catastrophic injuries in Washington, DC will face other adverse effects besides physical. The individual and their family may suffer financial problems, especially if the main source of income came from the injured victim’s job. The victim may also need lifelong medical care and assistance. Moreover, the injuries may make it difficult for the person to help with daily chores, care for family members, or perform other tasks that people who are not injured take for granted.

Those who have experienced a catastrophic injury can take legal action against the at-fault party or entity. While some losses may not be fully recoverable, victims may find resolution with compensation and legal justice.  

The legal team at Dash Injury Law Firm is dedicated to helping catastrophic injury plaintiffs in Washington, DC. We offer professional legal services to residents in DC and all of Northern Virginia.

What Causes Catastrophic Accidents in Washington, DC

When a person suffers an injury to the central nervous system, the injuries often result in a permanent damage. The following are examples of situations where a catastrophic injury may occur. This is not an exhaustive list as there could be many other scenarios. 

  • Car Accidents - These types of accidents are the leading causes of injury in the U.S. and it should not be surprising that car accidents also account for the majority of catastrophic injuries.
  • Sip and Falls - Older and younger people are most susceptible to falls and they can also happen at any time. For example, an individual could be shopping in a grocery store, slip on an unmarked wet spot, and slam their head into the ground. The consequences could even be fatal.
  • Sports Injuries - Sports may seem like a fun and harmless activity, but each year approximately 3.5 million children suffer injuries while playing sports.
  • Acts of Violence - Intentional acts of violence can also result in catastrophic injuries. For example, a gunshot wound to the back may cause a person to become paralyzed. 
  • Medical Malpractice - When a patient goes into surgery or receives treatment from a doctor, there is some abdication of liability. If a negligent medical professional injures a patient from malpractice, they could be held responsible.

Each of these causes may result in horrific consequences for the victims. To hold those responsible for the accident, victims should contact a catastrophic injury lawyer in Washington, DC as soon as possible.

How a Catastrophic Injury Lawyer in Washington, DC Can Help

Most accident cases will settle before going to trial, however retaining a lawyer is paramount to securing the maximum settlement payout. Catastrophic accident lawsuits involve large amounts of money and can be more complex than other personal injury cases. Each case is different, and a Washington, DC catastrophic injury lawyer can help evaluate the specifics of the case as well as guide plaintiffs throughout the entire legal process. 

The defendant’s attorney and insurance companies will try their best to put blame on the plaintiff. The District of Columbia is one of the few areas in the nation that uses contributory negligence law. Under this law, a plaintiff's negligence, even as little as 1%, will completely bar any recovery.

Fighting for a plaintiff to overcome the defense is crucial and is something that the legal team at Dash Injury Law Firm has done for many clients. Our Washington, DC catastrophic injury lawyers will be able to negotiate with the other side and present evidence to prove the plaintiff’s case in court.

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