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When a catastrophic accident occurs, the injured victim is likely to suffer lifelong impairments that will drastically change his or her life. Permanent disabilities such as brain damage or paralysis may take away the individual’s ability to perform work and daily activities. Simple tasks like using the restroom or eating can become a hardship for the victim and their loved ones.

Individuals who have experienced horrific injuries from the careless and negligent actions of others may be able to recover damages with the help of experienced legal representatives. While some losses may not be fully recoverable, compensation and justice may help bring a resolution and some closure.

The legal team at Dash Injury Law Firm is committed to helping plaintiffs involved in catastrophic accidents in San Jose, CA. We will work hard to resolve the legal issues outside of court but will take the case to court if need be. We offer professional legal services to San Jose residents and all other California residents.

Catastrophic Accidents in San Jose, CA

Many catastrophic accidents that have occurred in the Silicon Valley area involve motor vehicle accidents and pedestrian accidents caused by drunk and negligent drivers. On June 15, 2020, a man was tragically killed in a hit-and-run accident. The incident occurred around 2 a.m. in the area of McLaughlin Avenue and Algiers Street in East San Jose. Another pedestrian accident occurred near San Jose when two boys were walking on a crosswalk and were hit by an SUV. One of the boys suffered brain damage, a common catastrophic injury. The boys and their families received $30 million in a lawsuit against the city, claiming that the intersection was “extremely dangerous.” 

Other catastrophic accidents in San Jose, CA involve horrific injuries such as paralysis. In December 2015, a man named Hung Lam was awarded $11.3 million in damages after he became paralyzed from being shot in the back by San Jose Police. A San Jose jury found the police officer guilty of using excessive force.

Regardless of what type of catastrophic accident occurs, injured victims can find experienced catastrophic injury lawyers in San Jose, CA with Dash Injury Law Firm.

Who is Potentially Liable For a Catastrophic Injury?

Negligence is usually the cause of a catastrophic accident in San Jose, CA, and in some cases, the at-fault party is clearly apparent. Here is a list of potential negligent parties or entities:

  • Driver
  • Transportation Company
  • Physicians and Hospitals
  • Employer
  • Product Manufacturer
  • Residence or Place of Business
  • Educational Organization

This list includes only a few of the potentially liable parties as there are many more. Numerous factors must be considered when determining fault, such as who was involved, where the accident occurred, the type of injury, and the existing circumstances. A catastrophic injury lawyer in San Jose, CA can help victims determine who should be held responsible for the accident.

Why Victims Should Contact a Lawyer

Every accident victim has the right to seek compensation on their own without legal representation, however this is not recommended. Negotiating a settlement with insurance companies and filing a lawsuit can become a complex process. To ensure that they have the best chance of recovering a just settlement, victims should contact a San Jose, CA catastrophic injury lawyer as soon as possible. Without the proper legal knowledge, skills, and benefit of expert witnesses, these complex cases cannot effectively be brought to a successful conclusion for plaintiffs.

Dash Injury Law Firm will investigate, complete, and file all necessary legal paperwork, bring in experts to prove liability on the part of the defendants, and stand between victims and insurance companies involved. Through our tried-and-true methods, we can help catastrophic injury victims in San Jose, CA and surrounding areas find justice and the compensation they deserve.

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