Car Accident Lawyer in San Jose, CA

Dash Injury Law Firm is committed to helping our clients find justice and fair compensation in a car accident lawsuit in San Jose, CA. Our legal team is available to help individuals recover from any type of car accident. We offer professional legal services to San Jose residents and all other California residents.

San Jose residents who have been in a car crash are not without legal recourse. You can contact our law firm to help you file a lawsuit to hold the at-fault driver responsible for their negligence. We will help guide you through the entire legal process.

Car Accidents in San Jose, CA

San Jose, famously known as the capital of Silicon Valley, has a network of highways, including three major interstate highways (Highway 17, Highway 101, and Interstate 880). Automobiles are a major form of transportation in this large city and you can expect that San Jose experiences an accident every day, on average. According to local California news reports, Highway 17 has been deemed one of the most dangerous roadways in the state. In May 2019, a teenager was killed by a drunk driver on Highway 17 and in the same year, a hit-and-run crash resulted in one critically injured person and one death in San Jose.

No matter what type of car accident a San Jose resident becomes involved in, they have the option of working with an experienced car accident lawyer in San Jose, CA. Car accident victims can connect with Dash Injury Law Firm for professional legal counsel.

What to Do After a San Jose Car Accident

The steps following a car crash are paramount to building a strong case if a lawsuit is pursued. Here are some tips to follow about what you should and should not do at the accident scene. 

  • You SHOULD NOT argue with the other driver. Getting into an argument with the other driver will only make the situation worse because whatever happens can be used against your case. It is recommended that you remain calm and only speak to the other driver for contact information and insurance information.
  • You SHOULD NOT admit liability. What you say and your actions at the scene of the accident can be considered contemporaneous evidence. Admitting fault will only hurt your chances of a successful lawsuit.
  • You SHOULD find and speak with witnesses. This is how victims can determine who was there during the accident and acquire contact information from witnesses. Testimony from someone who witnessed the other driver act negligently can help you in a trial or for negotiating with insurance companies. 
  • You SHOULD take pictures of the accident scene. Photos of any vehicle damage, the surrounding area, and any bodily injuries will be needed for your case.
  • You SHOULD get a police report of the accident. After the crash, call law enforcement so you can have an official report with details and facts about the incident. The police report may be needed in later proceedings.

Why Hire a San Jose, CA Car Accident Lawyer?

The legal team at Dash Injury Law Firm will help you in many ways to make sure you have the best result possible and that just justice is served. Here are some ways that our car accident lawyers in San Jose, CA will help our clients:

  • Handling issues with insurance companies,
  • Collecting documents, evaluating evidence, and speaking to witnesses to prepare for litigation,
  • Litigating the case on behalf of the client, and
  • Providing professional legal advice during a time when the client needs to focus on recovering from an injury.

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